Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling Inside for Cure Kids

(This is me, supporting red nose day throgh my facebook profile picture, with use of a facebook app)
 I've just recently celebrated my 23rd Birthday.
It was wonderful. 
One of my early birthdays, I was possible turning 6 or 7, was on Red Nose Day and we got to dress up in red for a day at school and donate to Cure Kids with a gold coin donation. 
And that is the last Red Nose Day I remember.
This year, when I heard they were doing Comedy for Cure Kids I got far too excited.
Unfortunately I was out celebrating my birthday on the night of it aired so I ended up watching it ondemand last night. 
And I laughed the whole way through, and donated for the cause. 
 Flight of the Concords also contributed with the creation of a new, wonderful, hilarious, amazing new song, which I just HAD to share! I love how they combine all the children's lyrics.. watch to see what I mean.
Enjoy it.. Laugh... check out Cure Kids, and donate...
text cure to 933 (automatic $3 donation)
Feel inside (and stuff like that)

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to be Famous

My friend posted this on her facebook page this morning and I couldn't help but reblog it.
It made me laugh. 
How people act around the 'famous' is hilarious in itself,
and this video steps it up a notch.